In order to promote the mutual understanding between Japan and other Asian countries, The Sumitomo Foundation is proud to solicit applications for this Fiscal 2022 Grant for Japan-Related Research Projects in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

I. Eligible Projects
1. Areas of Research
Any research project in the field of social sciences or humanities that is related to Japan.

(1) The following projects are not eligible:

  • Research projects for profit making or those conceivably conducive to profit making.
  • Contracted research projects for a third party.
  • Research projects which have been already substantially completed.

(2) This grant is not a scholarship, a fellowship or a grant for publication of research results alone.

2. Type of Research

  • Individual or collaborative research.

3. Qualifications of Applicant

The applicant must :

(1) be a researcher of Asian (non Japanese) nationality (For fiscal 2012, priority is given to East and Southeast Asian nationals.),

(2) be living outside Japan during the grant period in item II.3 below. (Please do not apply if you intend to stay in Japan for more than six months during the grant period as a student, visiting professor, etc.), and

(3) take personal responsibilities for conducting the proposed research project. Please note that the above conditions are applied to the applicant of the collaborative research as well.

4. Applicable Expenses

Direct expenses for the proposed research that fall under the list of “Categories for Applicable Expenses” on “Instruction Sheet for Application Form.”

Please note that the following expenses are not applicable:

(1) Remuneration for services rendered by the applicant and/or his/her collaborator(s). (The term ”collaborator(s)” here refers to any researcher(s) who carry(ies) out the proposed research in collaboration with the applicant and be considered co-author(s) when the results of said resear chare published.)

(2) Administrative expenses of universities, research institutes, or other organizations to which the applicant and/or collaborator(s) belong.

(3) Expenses for procurement of any instrument, apparatus or equipment for general use such as facsimile machines, copying machines, and so on.

II. Outline of this Grant
1. Budget Total:

  • ¥50 million.

2. Grant Amount for Each Project:

  • Maximum ¥2.0 million (¥0.2- ¥1.3 million in fiscal 2021)

3. Number of Projects:

  • Approximately 70 

4. Grant Period:

  • One year (April 2023 through March 2024), but can be extended by two years maximum if required with specific reason after starting research subject to the approval of The
    Sumitomo Foundation. 

5. Duties of Applicants (as Grantees):

The applicant is required to agree on and follow the provisions stipulated in The Sumitomo Foundation’s standard “Memorandum of Understanding” once his/her application for the grant is approved by the Board of Directors of The Sumitomo Foundation. The summary of provisions is as follows:

(1) Any approval necessary for receiving funds from this grant and conducting the proposed research (e.g. permission for the applicant to depart from his/her country and enter and stay in Japan) should be obtained from the applicant’s and other applicable governments.

(2) The funds from this grant shall only be spent for the items listed in “Categories for Applicable Expenses”.

(3) Written reports on research results and on a final accounting of funds spent shall be submitted to the Sumitomo Foundation when the grant period has expired.

(4) When a thesis or any similar document is to be published based on the results of proposed research, it is required to clearly mention on such published material that the research was made possible by this grant from The Sumitomo Foundation. One set of photocopies of the material needs to be submitted to The Sumitomo Foundation.

(5) Any grantee of this grant shall agree that the Sumitomo Foundation may, at its discretion, reprint any of the material described above.

III. Selection and Approval of Eligible Projects

Applications for this grant will be evaluated for selection by the Selection Committee of The Sumitomo Foundation. The Board of Directors of The Sumitomo Foundation, scheduled to meet in March 2023, will give the final approval to the selection of the projects eligible for this grant. Results of the selection will be notified to the applicants by email.

  • Main Evaluation Criteria:
  •  Eligibility (Subject), Feasibility, Suitability etc.


(1) The amount of grant applied for may be reduced as a result of the evaluation by the Selection Committee.

(2) The Sumitomo Foundation may not reply to any inquiries regarding the reasons for selection/rejection of the proposals.

(3) The Sumitomo Foundation’s staff may make inquiries to applicants by visit, letter, facsimile or e-mail concerning the applications during the evaluation process, if necessary.

IV. Procedure for Application

1. Documents and Steps The following application documents shall be submitted by registered airmail to The Sumitomo Foundation.

(1) The application form filled in and duly signed by the applicant in Japanese or English:

--------------- One original copy

(2) A letter of recommendation, free-form, in Japanese or English from a person with an academic background, regarding the proposed research, the applicant and collaborator(s):

---------------- One original copy


(1) The personal information provided in the application is to be used strictly for the purposes of selection as well as notification of the results of evaluation to the applicants. Please note, however, that the name of grantees (successful applicants), his/her affiliation, title, theme of research project and grant amount will be announced to the public in due course.

(2) Neither the application document nor other material submitted will be returned to the applicant.

(3) After receipt of application, an acknowledgement will be sent to the applicant by e-mail or post. If the applicant does not receive the acknowledgement within a certain period, please contact The Sumitomo Foundation for verification.

(4) The Sumitomo Foundation does not assume any responsibility for non-delivered applications.

2. Deadline

  • The application must be sent through the website no later than 24:00 pm (Japan Time) October 31, 2022.
  • Other details of the application shall be followed “Procedure & Instruction for Application”. 

The Sumitomo Foundation
1-12-16 Shibadaimon
Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 105-0012
Telephone: 81-3-5473-0161
Facsimile: 81-3-5473-8471

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