Renewable Energy Integration for Sustainable Economic Growth: Insights and Challenges via Bibliometric Analysis

Renewable Energy Integration for Sustainable Economic Growth: Insights and Challenges via Bibliometric Analysis

Sustainability- Q1- SSCI/SCIE

Ngô Thị Sa Ly- Faculty of Business Administration, Dong A University, Da Nang City 50000, Vietnam


This study investigates trends in research at the intersection of economic growth and renewable energy, recognizing the pressing need for sustainable long-term development. Through a comprehensive bibliometric analysis of 6794 research papers sourced from the Web of Science database spanning the period from 1990 to June 2023, this research provides valuable insights into the evolving research landscape. It sheds light on seminal works, noteworthy authors, and emerging themes within this interdisciplinary field. The findings of this study underscore the critical importance of harnessing renewable energy sources in the pursuit of enduring economic growth. Beyond the well-documented environmental benefits, renewable energy plays a pivotal role in catalyzing a green economic transformation. This transformation not only mitigates adverse ecological impacts, but also fosters job creation, local community development, and enhanced energy security. Moreover, our analysis uncovers a compelling positive correlation between the adoption of renewable energy and key economic indicators, including Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth, industrial productivity, and technological innovation. This correlation is particularly pronounced in regions endowed with abundant renewable resources, reaffirming the potential for renewable energy to stimulate investment, propel economic expansion, and promote equitable development. This study serves as a roadmap toward a more sustainable and resilient future by advocating for the integration of renewable energy, the advancement of sustainable economic growth, and the formulation of effective strategies. The insights gleaned from this research are instrumental in guiding policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders toward the realization of a greener and more prosperous world.

Keywords: renewable energy; economic growth; sustainability; bibliometric analysis; energy transition; green economy