Knowledge management model for nonprofit sector in Thailand

Knowledge management model for nonprofit sector in Thailand

Lê Ngọc Quang - Scientific Management Department, Dong A University, Da Nang, Vietnam

Information Development - Q1 - SSCI


This investigation presents the findings from nonprofit organizations (NPOs) toward knowledge management model that practitioners and researchers can implement to strengthen NPOs further. The study adopted a mixed-research approach. An in-depth interview was conducted with NPOs operating in Thailand. Furthermore, a national survey was administered to 213 NPOs to examine knowledge sharing enablers, which effectively implemented knowledge management activities. Analysis of quantitative data indicated four enablers, including leadership, trust, technology infrastructure, and organizational culture, were affected significantly by the NPOs. Qualitative findings were updated critical categorizes of knowledge needs in comparing with the previous study. Major findings illustrated the knowledge creation process through four modes: socialization, externalization, combination, and internalization. The study proposed the knowledge management in NPOs model related to the knowledge-based approach towards a new approach for organizational innovations. This paper contributes to the development of literature in the knowledge management in NPOs domain, primarily the research domain related to knowledge needs and knowledge management practices in the nonprofit sector.