Knowledge Creation in International Non-Profit Organisations

Quang Ngoc Le and Kulthida Tuamsuk

Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, ESCI/Q3


This study empirically investigates knowledge creation (KC) in the context of the not-for-profit environment and seeks an understanding of how the dynamic of KC occurs in non-profit organisations (NPOs) in developing countries. The study, qualitative in nature, was applied in international non-profit organisations (INPOs), which is based on the 31 interviews taken at various such organisations in Thailand. The research illustrates the context of interaction dynamic that figures out the exampled NPOs, that is the creation of four types of ba, which enhances the KC process and identifies the specific knowledge types that are managed in these organisations. The investigation offers a holistic approach of the processes of organisational knowledge-creating in the NPOs. Furthermore, it is intended that the evidence presented a critical attitude regarding knowledge management (KM)-NPOs domains, especially in the KC process in the academic community. For NPO practitioners, this paper allows us to discover the organisational practices on the process-creating to enhance KM activities in their organisation.


Non-profit organisation, knowledge management, knowledge creation, socialisation model, SECI model